R.I.P. Paul Walker and Cosmos’ Sanity

I can’t find justification—logical and karmic—in Paul Walker’s death.

Needless to say, his death is ironic: Fast and Furious franchise star dies in a car wreck. Isn’t it now safe to expect that one or some stars of American Pie franchise might die from a venereal disease?

Look: reports say he conducted test drives in order to raise donation for Yolanda victims; yet, he still died in a fiery, grim vehicular accident—which appears to me as the greater irony. Or a great absurdity.

Then, why do ironic and absurd things happen? Let me stand in the point of view of existentialism: For we exist in a deterministic and seemingly meaningless cosmos.

If Walker died in a terrible accident even though he tried to help the typhoon victims in Visayas, would politicians who pretentiously helped the Yolanda victims by giving relief packs with their names and faces on it die in an even more dreadful demise? Like those we see in the Final Destination movies? Or like those in the application Dumb Ways to Die? Those, we can’t help but fantasize. If only we had Light Yagami’s Death Note.

A common Filipino saying states, “Masamang damo, matagal mamatay.” A saying which is absolutely true in the Philippine context: where kleptomaniacs who embezzle public funds tend to live longer for they can afford stem cell treatments; and where bloodthirsty murderers who massacre journalists are still happily living. And that they are rewarded with high seats in the government is a substantial proof that there really is cosmic pointlessness.

Whoever coined the saying believes that the Philippines is a fertile grassland where those kinds of weeds profusely grow; and that there exists no weed control but to burn them through kaingin. And yes, you can always bludgeon them to death using a blunt object—when you managed to pass through their bodyguards.

But, who are we to judge them, or stone them to death? This is a question which reminds us of a passage where Magdalene’s life is spared. Blessed scoundrels: they can always use allegories for their defense.

It is to be considered though that the Pope himself said that corrupt people should be tied in a rock and thrown forth in a sea. But, do we have enough ropes and rocks? And, in our case, we should throw them in a sea not claimed by China.

Now, you may ask, “What shall we do? What choice do we have left?” Perhaps, we could only just convey a short expression of sympathy and grief to the demise of a loved Hollywood actor.

Paul Walker, you shall be remembered. And, rest—together with justice and the sanity of the universe—in peace.


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